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Herbal Medicine

Oriental herbal medicine is considered one of the more important branches of traditional Oriental medicine. The theory and practice of Chinese herbal medicine have developed over thousands of years, and today, that knowledge is combined with the latest pharmacological and clinical research. The medicinal herbs included in this ancient healing system consist of plants, animal products, and minerals. 

In recent years, herbs have become very popular for self-treating many conditions. New Start Chiropractic & Acupuncture stocks a full Korean and Chinese herbal dispensary.  The herbs act to complement and balance one another in formulas specifically designed for each patient. This enhances each herb's unique actions and properties while ensuring a low rate of side effects. During an acupuncture treatment, herbs accelerate and maintain the therapeutic effects. The herbal formulas treat illnesses based on a traditional Oriental Medical diagnosis. 

Chinese herbs are rarely prescribed individually. Instead, herbs are generally prescribed in a formula, a combination of about ten different herbs in specific ratios. These formulas are custom-tailored for a particular individual, based upon the individual's specific situation. The advantages of combining herbs into a formula are numerous: to increase healing properties, address multiple imbalances, direct the formula to specific parts of the body, and moderate harsh properties of certain individual herbs. 

Herbal formulas are available in a variety of forms: dried herbs boiled into a tea, granules added to water, and powders placed in capsules (pill form). At New Start Chiropractic & Acupuncture, most herbal medicines are prepared specifically for each patient in the form of brewed herbal teas.

The herbal tea are an addition to the visit fee, and insurance companies do not currently cover them.
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