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"I have been seeing Dr. Kim for over six years. He is very professional in every phase of my visit. 
He is always in a good mood and happy to see me. He has a great outlook on life and a good sense of humor. 
He is one of the most caring and thoughtful doctors that I have ever seen. This alone makes me glad that I chose to go to him. 

I first saw him for the sciatica nerve in my left hip/leg area. Along with a couple of discs in my lower back that was swollen and bulging. I had previously seen two western doctors for the problem for over eight months. They could not relieve the pain that I was experiencing with their various treatments. They recommended steroid shots in the discs and possibly surgery. I sought out Dr. Kim and started seeing him. In six weeks he had relieved my pain without any painful injections or surgery. I have continued to be pain-free for six years. As he always says "I can fix". He does just that. 

I see Dr. Kim monthly to keep my body in good working order. Over time I have learned many things from him. He has taught me to eat foods that are good for my body and to stay away from foods that will mess up my sugar metabolism. It has been a challenge to change my eating habits, but I always have his support to stay on the right path. I have great respect for his advice. His office staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The office is always orderly and clean. There is a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. The staff makes the experience very pleasant. I have never had a negative experience in all of the time that I have been seeing him. I always feel mentally better when I leave than when I arrived. 


I have referred many of my friends. They continue to see him after he has corrected their aliment. I hear only praise for him when my friends talk about Dr. Kim. The only regret is that I did not find him sooner."

Daneshu R. Flower Mound, TX 

"It is always a good experience to come to this office. The office is some distance from my home but is always worth the effort to get there through traffic. Each complaint is attended to and I always feel so much better than when I arrived, full of pain and complaining. I always feel I am among friends. I know coming there that relief is on the way. I dislike taking meds and although I am 80 years young I take no meds on a regular basis. Much of this good health is due to Dr. Kim's magic touch. I always give him the credit and recommend him to all.  Thanks, Dr. Kim, for your concerned care."

Shirley M. Dallas, TX 

"Mi salud ha mejorado mucho desde que empece a ir, el proceso mio ha sido largo porque el doctor ha encontrado cosas que yo ni sabia que tenia, y las ha ido arreglando por completo, tengo mucha energia, se me han quitado Dolores, ademas que he enviado personas para su consulta y todos han sido curados. 
Lo mas importante es que el doctor Kim encuentra de donde y porque proviene el problem, y eso nos ayuda a evitar que vuelva pasar despues de el curarlo y trata muy bien a los ni?os, para mi como madre es muy importante."

Andrea K. Plano, TX 

"Mi mas grande agradecimiento para todo el personal de la clinica porque ayudaron a mi hijo en un preseso muy dificil y siendo ellos los unicos que le ofrecieron la ayudo a mi hijo sin cobrarnos ni un dolar de verdad muchas gracias por tan lindo gesto que tubieron para mi hijo Dios los bendigay les de mucho mas. "
Patricia A. Dallas, TX 

"Yo soy una persona que no puede caminar, pero con la ayuda de Doctor y Dios, un dia voy a caminar otra vez. Siento muy bien desde que empese a ir con el Doctor ya me puedo valer mas por si mismo gracias a Dios y al doctor."

Juan A. Melissa, TX

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